Energy That Works

Grid relationship management PLATFORM for commercial real estate

Who We Are

At iES our mission is to enable and equip building owners and managers with tools to better understand, analyze and control their assets’ energy footprint. All client relationships begin with an in-depth consultation, from there we deliver tailored solutions to meet clients’ exact energy management needs. Solutions include:

Demand Response

Real Time Utility Monitoring

Dynamic Submeter Visualization

ICAP Tag Advisement

Occupancy Trending

BMS Integration

Energy Purchasing

Wellness Monitoring

And More…

Energy That Works.

For Building Owners

Dynamic software and support capabilities equip owners to make energy revenue and cost decisions to drive higher NOI and asset value.

For Building Managers

Real time capabilities equip building managers with the ability to communicate and collaborate to manage energy most effectively.


For Building Engineers

Our software gives engineers the tools they need to view the full picture of their systems and take action to operate assets at peak efficiency.

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